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Workstation4u is a brand of Solarbayer GmbH and stands for high-quality workstations, business PCs, servers and IT hardware. Solarbayer is a manufacturer and system provider of wood heating systems, thermal solar systems, heat pumps and innovative storage systems.

With our own design, development and IT department, we have built up extensive and at the same time well-founded know-how in the field of IT hardware over many years. We have thus gained our own experience in the fields of CAD engineering, fluid/energy and radiation simulation as well as geodata calculation. To cope with these demanding tasks, we rely on current IT hardware in the enterprise class. In order to keep the high costs for this within limits, we recognised early on that remanufactured and individually assembled hardware comprehensively fulfils these requirements. From this position, we can advise you on finding and configuring the ideal hardware for you.

That is why we decided a few years ago to build up a second line of business with the distribution of professional workstations and servers, in order to also give you the opportunity to acquire high-performance hardware at affordable prices. With our large warehouse area of over 16,000 m² and sophisticated logistics, we ensure fast and uncomplicated delivery. We have over thousands of different workstations, desktop PCs, servers and notebooks in stock to handle even larger IT projects.

By purchasing and selling remanufactured IT hardware, we also make a significant contribution to conserving our environmental resources. Thus, the Workstation4u business field ideally complements our primary business area of renewable energies.

Workstation4u offers fast and powerful brand-name computer hardware even for little money. We make this possible through so-called "refurbishing": we professionally refurbish new high-performance computers that have only been in operation for a short time (leasing), e.g. at large companies, and equip them with new components selected by you. Similar to an annual car, the price is far below that of new goods, even though the equipment is still as good as new. A trend that is good for the environment and certainly good for your wallet.

Refurbished-IT - What is this?

"Refurbished IT" is the term used to describe good, used IT hardware that has been reconditioned and refurbished by the dealer or manufacturer. The devices are as-new high-performance computers, thousands of which were used as leasing devices in large industrial groups, or exhibition and demo devices.

What distinguishes workstations from customer PCs?

In contrast to normal "consumer PCs", workstations and business hardware are professional high-performance devices that are designed for long periods of continuous use and had to pass extreme tests at the extreme tests during development in order to be released for the market. In industry, architectural offices or large agencies, these computers are used, for example, for video editing, image processing, 3D modelling with CAD or complex calculations, where high performance and reliability are particularly important. These requirements can only be met with appropriately designed and intensively tested components, such as those used in workstations.

Why is the trend towards refurbished IT?

For many years, the sales figures of professionally refurbished equipment have been on the rise. Whether large companies, schools, offices, agencies or private home users, the advantages are obvious:

  • A lot of computer for little money

    The extreme depreciation of new IT hardware ensures that the devices usually fall below 70% of the new price. Good for you!

  • Resource-saving and sustainable

    The production of new electrical appliances often devours large quantities of valuable raw materials such as copper, tin and lithium, as well as vast amounts of energy. The ever-growing mountains of electronic waste do the rest

  • Long-life professional hardware usable by everyone

    Workstation4u also enables users outside of the large corporations to use workstations and business hardware components that are specially designed for professional use. These devices, which recently were among the most powerful computers on the market, offer considerably more performance than, for example, conventional "consumer" goods, e.g. from electronic discounters or electronics stores.

  • Great selection and availability of spare parts

    Workstation4u offer an enormous selection of hardware components, with which the workstation can be adapted and assembled exactly as desired. Workstations are designed in such a way that parts can be replaced quickly, and the availability of spare parts is excellent.

The advantages of Workstation4u

Individual configuration

Create your dream system in the workstation configurator. Take advantage of the large selection of new and professionally reconditioned PC components.
Start configuration now!

Very good quality sets the highest quality standards for all systems and computer components. All remanufactured items are not only subjected to a visual inspection, but also a technical inspection.

Professional and careful handling

The technicians and experts at will assemble your configuration professionally and carefully. Afterwards, the device is on its way to you ready for operation with all important updates.

Fast and Safe Shipping

All devices are transported to you protected with the help of a special packaging system and transport locks inside. All shipments are insured and climate-friendly and CO2-neutral thanks to DHL GoGreen. Learn more...

Telephone advice and support

The experts at are available to you at any time during our business hours by telephone, e-mail or via the contact form.

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