HP Z4 G4

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HP 2.5" HDD to 3.5" HDD Carrier
HP P/N: 668261-001
22,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW150010101011

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HP 5,25" Drive Bay
HP P/N: 756801-001
18,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW990010001071

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HP 5.25" to 2x 2.5" carrier
HP P/N: 660542-001
25,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW150010201011

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HP 5.25" to 3.5" Optical Bay HDD Mounting Bracket
HP P/N: 488505-002 (NQ099AA)
18,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW150010202011

Currently out of stock.
HP Z Turbo Drive Heatsink
HP P/N: 919952-001; 919952-002
55,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW990010001111

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HP Z4 G4 High Performance Fan 6 Pin to 5 Pin Cable Adapter
HP P/N: L12790-001
55,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW120010105122

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HP Z440 / Z4 3D Vapor Z Cooler - new
HP P/N: 781907-001 / 828230-001 / N3R51AV
175,00 €/pc *
Item no. HW120010105022

On stock (while stocks last)
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